Saturday, February 4, 2017

Scavenger Hunt Rules (Module 8)

  • A Scavenger Hunt takes place within a fixed time. The time allocated for today’s Scavenger Hunt is 90 minutes which includes driving time to get back to the staff room!
  • Points are allocated for the different items that need to be collected. The items are weighted according to difficulty or/and the fun you can experience. 
  • The team with the most points earned, within the time limit, wins.
  • Teams who complete the scavenger hunt after the fixed time will be penalised- make sure that your time keeper keeps the team on time!
  • Teams may not split up to take photos faster! All team members must stay together at all times.
  • When a team or one of the team’s members does not play by the rules the team will be disqualified. 
  • Remember there is limited time so you most probably won’t be able to do everything.
  • Be mindful of safety.
  • All photos can be posted on the internet so be mindful of decency. 
  • Only one photo per item will be counted unless otherwise stated. 
  • All the answers must be captured using photos/videos even your calculations must be on photo format.
  • The scavenger hunt activities of a team will be scored by another team using 1 tablet.
  • No photos may be taken in the casino. 
General points
  • You need to work together as a team. 
  • Spend some time to strategize and plan your course of action. 
  • You will earn negative points if you come late so be back at the staff room in time!!
  • 5 Bonus QR codes will be put up all around the venue. Keep your eyes open for them!! 
  • 1 Bonus code will be waiting for you at the staff room (if you are in time).
  • Teams can earn extra points by including #QTNCasino in your tweets along with #gapschool and #ict4red 
  • Pregnant ladies earn extra points for their teams to make up for speed. They don't have to do the physically challenging items and can be the photographers. 
  • I like selfies and groupsies and learnsies and tweetsies!!!


  1. The field trip was awesome! Had so much fun! Feeling very competitive. 😁

  2. What an amazing morning of team building and fun!!! Thank you Maggie and Sarah Lee - hope you're ready for the assessments!!!!

  3. Fun way to learn and teach! Incidental learning takes place all the time and many 21century skills are used! It is also not a labor intense teaching method!