Friday, February 3, 2017

Assessment Badge

What is assessment?
Assessment is a way to measure if learners have achieved all the learning outcomes as stated in the curriculum (CAPS) document. We gather evidence of achievement in the form of assessment tasks using assessment tools.

During this course you have been introduced to various assessment tasks and tools (e.g. see example alongside). Badges in this course is used to formally assess if you can apply the given
teaching strategy with the support of mobile technologies.

There are two broad categories of assessment: Informal and Formal.

The instruments used to gather evidence are called ASSESSMENT TOOLS. It:
ü  Facilitate the recording process.
ü  Inform the reporting process.
ü  Provide the basis for feedback and

Examples of Assessment tools:
q  Rubrics/ Assessment Grid (Rating scale).
q  Criteria list /Checklist.
q  Marking Memorandum.
q  Observation Schedule.
q  Any other relevant tool e.g. combination of criteria list and rubric.

To read more about assessment tasks and tools, consult your Module 6 à Resources à Assessment Folder or see our online assessment collection here:

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