Thursday, February 2, 2017

Flipped Classroom Activity 0

On Friday we will be doing Flipped classrooms as a teaching strategy. So. We will be doing flipped classrooms in a flipped way. This means that you will learn about flipped classrooms before your come to class. So here is your Homework. Or is it classwork?

This activity will take place BEFORE the session. It is of the utmost importance that you understand what a flipped classroom is before you come to this session. All the resources for this activity can be found in your Module 6 Resources folder here:

What you have to know/do:
  • Watch the video from MediaCore: “How the Flipped Classroom works” – (
  • Watch the video from MADDrawProductions: “The Flipped Classroom Model” – ( 
  • Critique the Flipped classrooms Infographic in your resource folder. 
  • Look at all the resources in your Module 6 Resource folder that will help you understand how a flipped classroom works.
  • Please bring your Caps document with to the session so that you can plan your badge!
Answer the following questions: 
·      What is a flipped classroom?
·      How is it different from what I am doing now?
·      How can technology help me to flip my classroom?
·      How can I use it in my teaching?

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