Friday, July 22, 2016

Module 1 Jigsaw fun (Photos and video)

All Module 1 photos are here:

Welcome to the ICT4RED teacher tablet training course

Welcome to the first training session of your ICT4RED teacher tablet course. I hope that you will have lots of fun and enjoy learning how to integrate Mobile technologies into your classroom practice.

In order to be part of this course, which count 45 SACE points, you will need to commit to the following agreement and complete the online commitment form here:

We will use various online platforms during the course so as to introduce to you the various ways in which you can use social media in the classroom. We will use a Whatsapp group for our out of class communication, so make sure that you are on the whatsapp group. Please contact Morgan to add you to the group if you are not on it yet!

We will use Whatsapp and our training backchannel to do in-class activities. Our chatroom is here: You will be also be evaluated for your back-channel participation and receive a Back channel badge

All the course material can be found here: