Monday, November 20, 2017

ICT4RED reflection

Hi everybody,

If you don't want to do a powerpoint reflection and upload that to your portfolio folder (or if you have not done it yet), you can do a quick voice reflection on our flipgrid here ( it will take you 1 and half minutes):

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mobile Skills Badge

Now is the time to demonstrate your very fantabulisticly amazeballs mobile skills. Please just:

  • Do the tick list, sign it, camscan it and send it to me via email, but preferably add it to your G-drive portfolio folder. Create a folder Called "Mobile skills badge" if there is not one. 
  • We will do a fun workshop in the near future were we will test your skills!!

The mobile skills list is here: Download, complete and email.upload to Gdrive

You can also go and check if you know your stuff by completing the questionnaire here:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Module 10 Reflective Practitioner Badge Support

Jaribaaaaa, you have reached the end of your course journey!!! But hopefully it will be the start of many #ict4red infused innovative lessons!!

All you have to do to earn this badge is to tell me what you have learned during your journey and how it has changed the way you teach using technology.

Reflections on our learning journey

I will be inviting each of you to post your reflective journey slides/video on this blog, but for now I would just like you to say in a paragraph how you have enjoyed this course, what challenges you faced and if and how it has/ will impact on your classroom practice.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Module 9- Gallery Walk

A Gallery walk consists of Exhibits that should challenge the observer to think about what is shared in the exhibit. A good exhibit therefore should:

  • Impart information and knowledge
  • Solicit feelings (positive/negative), 
  • Stimulate challenging discussion.
  • Encourage critical thinking

  • Here are the Module 9 links: