Monday, September 5, 2016

Twitter support

Twitter has consistently won the annual top learning and teaching award for the last 7 year. So it is important that we investigate what makes it such a stunning all round educational tool. In order to do this you will need to get stuck in and make sure that you get your tweet on!! The good news is that the most difficult part of tweeting is to register and remember your twitter password. After that it is plain sailing.

The following is important:
  • Upload a profile photo (We do not follow eggs)
  • Add a bio so that the right people can follow you. 
  • Follow a few worthwhile tweeps from who you can learn a lot. 
  • Follow your colleagues and @ict4red and @maggiev
  • Retweet some tweets that you feel are good.
  • Don't forget to include the hashtags #gapschools #ict4red
For more information and guidelines and why you need to get your tweet on: 

The badge requirements are as follow:

Some ideas:
  • Tweet some of the classroom integration photos.
  • Post a short video (30secs) of what your lesson is all about. 
  • Ask your colleagues for help via twitter. Because it is happening out in the open you will get a lot of additional help! 
  • Follow your colleagues and encourage one another! See the list (so far) here: (if your name is not on the list.... tweet me! Just put @maggiev somewhere in your tweet!!
  • Retweet some of @sarahperidis lovely tweets!! 

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