Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Content Creator badge support

This badge you can earn anywhere along your journey and you will probably have many items that you can submit for this badge already! You may place the items in your Google drive folder. So let us first look at the criteria for achieving this badge:

So where do you start?
The main aim is to create an item that is "freestanding" and can be used by any other teacher in their classroom. So, look at what you are doing according to your subject CAPS and decide that you are going to create.....
  • A video, soundfile, podcast, slideshow.... explaining/teach something from your classroom related topic
  • A ebook pdf worksheet
  • ........
Combining it with your learning station strategy is a good idea. For example, you can create a learning slideshow/video to leave at one of the stations that the learners can use to learn the information/ skills that they need for that station. 

Some Examples of various multimedia items:
I am looking forward to see what innovative learning objects you guys will be designing!

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