Friday, August 12, 2016

Module 2: Storytelling Support

Everybody has got a story to tell! In this module we look at how we can use storytelling as a strategy for learning and teaching in the classroom. We purposely asked you to do a story about yourself during the workshop so that we can get to know you a little bit better and understand what makes you tick! You used a slideshow app to create your storyboard.

You will also remember that you did a video intro showing us what is your inner animal. That also tells a story. So let's look at what I will be badging for storytelling:
As long as I can tick all the above, you can be as creative as you like, but here is a walk through of how you could approach it:

Firstly, you are going to yet again start with what you will be teaching (CAPS). You can use the storyboard template to do your planning. A story has a beginning (intro) a middle part and a conclusion. Then you will actually create your lesson story using a slideshow presentation. Don't put to many concepts on each slide. Then lastly you will present your topic to your learners and ask at least one learner to video you doing this (presenting your slideshow). You can then test their understanding of how they understand the topic by asking them to briefly tell (take a video of) the story of... what was this lesson/topic about? Always try to do it in group context as to not allow for "passive time" e.g each group must create a video story of understanding. Pick a group/learner to present their story to the class using the Random student picker. Sounds good? 

Some ideas (You can consult your storytelling manual to see how you can do it with 1 or more tablets):

Some more ideas:
  • Maths: Ask your learners to dramatize the story of a quadratic equation. Each group member must do the follow on line of the solution starting with once upon a time.......
  • Questions can be a great way to get learners to think about story-fying a topic. e.g. why does a L look the way it does? 
  • If you have any ideas or want to get some feedback from you peers and me, share what you will be doing, are planning to do in the comments below. 
Using technology
Video is of course a great way to record stories. Using slideshows to create your storyboards and visuals can add and provide focus while telling your story. Incorporating photos, cartoons and animations have the potential of really grabbing learner interest. But most of all..... asking them to be creative to solidify understanding is definitely the way to go!! 

Here is the Module resources and I am looking forward to see what you will come up with!!! Jaribaaaa!!!! 

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